How Long is Law School?

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Today, law is considered a very prestigious profession. Law schools are very popular all over the world. Students do try their best to get into a high-quality law school. Some students don’t even know how long they need to study in a law school. Well, it depends on various things. It could range from 2-4 years. If you read this article, then you will get some information.

For regular, full time students, it could be 3 years or less. If you are a student of the JD program, then it will take 3 years. In fact, you must complete it within 3 years as most schools don’t allow more than 3 years.

On the other hand, if you are a student of accelerated JD program, then you can complete it within 3 years. In fact, you will be surprised to know that you could complete it within 2 years. Classes of the accelerated JD program start in May.

There is another option: part-time JD program. It takes longer than the above systems. It could take 4 years to complete this course, and you need to attend classes in the evening.

You could also go for online law schools. They are also good to fulfill your dream. The major difference between online law schools and part-time schools is that you don’t need to go to schools. All you need is the internet. Remember, online courses take 4 years. It has been made long to ensure the quality of the education. Also, you should know that part-time students need to take part in exams after 2 years. If they don’t pass, then they have to stop their education.

No doubt law is a very good profession these days. If you have merit and patience, then it could be a perfect choice for you. Good luck with your law school.

How to Outclass Law School Applicants

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Because most of the students from law schools become very successful in their lives, law schools are very popular these days. Numerous students try their best to get into a top class law school. They have to study well and fulfill all requirements to become a law school student. But, there are some important things which are ignored by many law school applicants. This article talks about some important things that you could do to claim yourself as a better candidate.

  • Your previous subject is not very important. Law schools do not bother whether you are from a law related background or not. If you take double major and few minors, then it will not be helpful to you.
  • GPA is of paramount importance. Remember, the first 2 years is the best time to build up a good GPA. So, study as much as possible during this time. A good GPA can give you better jobs and better higher education.
  • Try to build up leadership inside you. Take part in extracurricular activities and try to lead your team.
  • Try to develop your writing, research, and analytical abilities as much as possible. These skills could be useful when you apply to get into a top class law school.
  • You should try to know about law. Even if your background is not related to law, try to take some related elective courses; it will help you in the future.
  • Know the teachers. Remember, their recommendations can make a big positive difference when it comes to applying to a law school.
  • Also, try to get connected with people who do legal profession. They can provide you with important advice.
  • Go for an internship. It is always recommended to have some experiences before doing the real job. If the internship is related to law, then it could be very much helpful to you.
  • Set up nice looking social profiles. Sometimes, employers or application committees might check your social profiles. So, prepare them well.

If you can follow the things stated above, then you will really have some advantages over your competitors. Good luck!

How to Get A Good Law School Scholarship

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Today, law schools are very popular to numerous students because of the bright future. Every year thousands of students do apply for law schools. Some lucky students get chances. Unfortunately, law schools are not cheap. Even if you have merit, you need lots of money to continue your education. There are some good ways to make your education smooth; you could try law school scholarship. If you are lucky, then it could boost your education greatly.

Fortunately, there are adequate law school scholarships available. All you need to do is apply with patience. First of all, try FAFSA. It could help you very much. In fact, nothing is as cool as getting help from the government. Government can help you with many things like work study programs, scholarships, grants, etc. It is an easy process, and does not take a lot of time.

Try online. When it comes to searching online, then Google gets the first priority. It could be boring, could take a lot of time, but it is worth trying. One good law school scholarship could change your life dramatically. Take your time and read the requirements attentively.

There are many types of law school scholarships. Some might offer few thousand dollars while others might offer only few hundred dollars. Do apply as much as you can. Yes, it will take time, but don’t underestimate any scholarships. If you are lucky enough, then you could get few good law school scholarships.

Getting a law school scholarship is not an impossible thing. In fact, every year a lot of students get scholarships. Remember, scholarship could make you more attentive to your study. Needless to say, if you always think about the money, then chances are very high that you will not be able to focus on your study. Hope, the tips stated above will help you get good law school scholarships. Good luck!

How to Pay off Law School Debt Quickly


Law schools are one of the most desired places for numerous students. They are so popular these days that students forget about the high cost of law schools. To be honest, the cost is so high that it takes years to pay off the debt. But, there are some effective, smart ways to pay off the law school debt quickly. Below is a list of it.

Try Forgiven Loans: If a lawyer works in a non-profit organization or in a local charity, then his loan could be forgiven. You need to work few years in a non-profit organization to get this nice benefit. Surely, this could be a great solution for a lot of new lawyers. In fact, it is believed that it is a good way to start your career.

Go for Refinance Loans: It is another good way to pay off your debt smartly. Usually, the interest rate is low, so it could be helpful to you. Do proper research to get the best deal. This method could save lots of valuable money for many new lawyers.

Become A Tutor: This is another cool way to pay off your law school debt. If you have a good CGPA, then you should take this opportunity. You could do tutoring. Use online and word of mouth methods to market your service. You could charge 30 dollars per hour. If you do about five hours of tutoring, then it could make a BIG difference when it comes to paying off your law school debt.

Live Like A Student: You are now a lawyer, but you should not live like a lawyer. In fact, you should live like a student the next few years. Spend maximum amount of your income to pay off the debt. So, spend sensibly.

Paying off the debt is a major concern for numerous law school students these days. Hope, the above 4 tips would be helpful to solve your problem. Good luck!

Paralegal Schools or Law Schools?

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Today, law schools are great. They are considered one of the most desired destinations of graduates. But, not everyone is lucky enough to get into a good law school as it is very expensive and requires meritorious students. So, many students go for paralegal schools instead of law schools. There are some major differences between them. This article is about the pros and cons of paralegal and law schools. If you are not sure which one to choose, then read this article. It has some great information.

Pros of Paralegal Schools

Paralegal schools are very affordable. Unlike law schools, you don’t have to pay a lot of money. Believe it or not, sometimes law school students have to pay six-figure amount. A paralegal student could start his career after three months of training. You don’t have to even pass the entrance exam. If law schools are not possible for a student, then paralegal schools are the best option for him. They also get overtime pay, and the work pressure is less than a lawyer.

Cons of Paralegal Schools

No doubt paralegal schools are the best option for a lot of students, but chances are very high that you will never make more than 90k per year. Also, shared office environment is a disadvantage of this profession for many people.

Pros of Law Schools

The sky is the limit for a lawyer. Lawyers have unlimited potential to improve and earn. They could even start their own firms. Secretarial support and paralegal support are also included. In fact, because of brilliant career opportunities a lot of students go for law schools every year.

Cons of Law Schools

One of the major demerits of law schools are is its excessive cost. If you have a high LSAT, then you may get some financial aid. To become a lawyer, you have to pass a lot of tests. After graduation even if you don’t pass the bar exam, then you can’t become a lawyer. So, it is a risky journey for many students.

Both paralegal schools and law schools are great. They are different. You need to decide which one suits you the most. Good luck!

How to Do Well In the First Year of Law School

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Law schools have always been great for students. Every year numerous students try to get into a good law school, but some of them get into good law schools. We all know that all students have to go through a lot of things like LSAT, personal statements, college transcripts, etc. They need to study really hard to get into a good law school. But, this effort must continue when they get into a law school, and it starts from the first year of the school. You will meet many new students; make new friends in the first year of your law school. Don’t forget some students will be kicked out or go to another law school right after the first year. So, think about the first year very carefully. Below is a list of things that you should do in the first year.

Don’t go to your school unprepared on the first day of your school. Make a good impression. Remember, students are given reading assignment, so be prepared for questions. Answer tough questions. Try to impress the teacher.

You need to buy costly books. If you are tight on your budget, then you could go for old, cheap books, but if they are highlighted or damaged, then avoid them.

Try to make study groups. Try your best to do well in all subjects. Making study groups really helps.

You should also remember that law schools have exams at the end of the semester. Your grade depends on it hugely. These exams are essay-based exams. So, prepare accordingly.

If you want to work, then you need to have good first semester law school grades. So, at first focus on your study, then try to find work.

First year is of paramount importance for all law school students. Focus on your study as much as possible. Good luck!

How to Get into Harvard Law School

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Getting into a good law school has become a dream of numerous students in the USA. Every year thousands of students try to become a lawyer, but not all of them get the opportunity. There are many reasons behind this failure. If you try hard and take necessary steps, then you might get into a good law school. We all know about Harvard law school. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best law schools in the USA. Only few students are lucky and meritorious enough to get into this high-profile law school. Many well-known judges, politicians, and public figures have graduated from this excellent institution. Becoming a student of this institution is tough, but it is not impossible if you try hard and start very early.

In fact, the preparation to become a student of Harvard law school starts from high school. You should have perfect grades otherwise it will be difficult for you. And, don’t forget the extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities in Harvard is not all about football and basketball. You should take part in debate, language club, etc.

You also need superb Bachelor’s program. Your grades are of paramount importance. So, when you are an undergraduate student, study as much as possible. Focus on your grades.

Your class structure is also very important. You should not take courses which are irrelevant to law. On the other hand, you should take law oriented courses. Harvard needs those students who are truly dedicated.

No doubt getting into Harvard law school is very tough. You need to do a lot of study and other things to outclass other applicants. You need to ‎ be aware of the expectation of Harvard law school. If you know what they have been looking for, then you could take better preparation. So, start as early as possible.

Top Law Websites That Will Help You Earn Good Grades

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Law school is no longer as tough as it used to be because research has been made easier through many online references. All you have to do now is type the right keyword and you will instantly get to the subject that you need. This is much different in the past when law students have to browse through the thick pages of heavy leather-bound law books.

Aside from using Wikipedia, you can also use the websites below in your studies:

1. Nolo

Nolo started as a do-it-yourself legal guide. It has been in existence since 1971. In 2010, around 40 years after its founding, it expanded its network using the Internet. Currently, it is considered as one of the online community’s largest collection of legal references.

Accessing its website will offer you a wide range of information that will help you survive law school. It provides free legal information from Criminal Law, Taxes, Wills, Employment Law, DUI and others. So far, it is the most complete out there. You can keep yourself updated of the latest events in the legal profession too with its articles published regularly. You can order books and software that will help you in preparing legal documents too. Plus, if there’s something that you really can’t understand or you are in need of an advice from an expert, look no further because you can just consult any of its network of lawyers in its directory. Nolo’s credibility is such that even high profile lawyers and judges use it as reference.

2. is another website that is highly recommended by law students because of its complete and up to date database. You can use this to search for court decisions, news covering the legal profession and definition of terms used in law. In addition, webinars are offered by the site which can help you polish your knowledge and help you with your career in the future.

3. LawLink

If you want a Q&A website that covers almost anything that you need to know related to law, this is a good choice. If they don’t have the answer yet in their database, you can post your question on the site and wait for their network of attorneys to attend to your query.  Another nice feature of the website is its series of videos detailing some popular topics in the field of law.

4. Social Media Law Student

An alternative to survive law school is by enlisting the aid of savvy students and lawyers. Just think of this site as the Facebook of law students and lawyers where knowledge pertaining to the field of legal profession is shared. Included in the vast information that you can gain from this site are techniques and advise on how to make the most out of your student days. The site is a great way to establish your network also which will help you get connections that will help you in your career.

5. University Websites

Last but not least, universities have their own references that you can use. Based on the website of U.S. News, among the best universities in the U.S. are the ones in Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Chicago.

Use Wikipedia to Get Better Grades in Law School Exams

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Law schools are very attractive places for thousands of students these days. Every year a lot of students try their best to get admitted into law schools, but not all of them get chances to study in a good law school. After getting into a law school, students need to study well to get a good GPA. To study well, both online and offline resources should be used. Today, Wikipedia is a great source for getting all sorts of information. You should browse Wikipedia regularly to get valuable information.

Wikipedia is free and will be free forever. It is being updated every day. You will find all sorts of cases on this great website. You don’t have to google to get important information. Everything is written quite well on Wikipedia. All legal concepts have been summarized on Wikipedia very well. Obviously, these valuable articles will be very helpful to your law school classes and exams.

Preparing for classes is very important, especially in law schools. All students should try their best to get prepared for the classes. If you do some homework on the topic that is going to be discussed in the next class, then you will be able to learn quickly new things in the class. This could make a difference between you and your classmates. On the other hand, if you don’t do any homework, then you might not understand everything in the class, especially if it is a difficult topic. And, this attitude could provide you with good grades in the law school exams.

Wikipedia has always been a great source for a lot of students of many departments. You should use it to get the most out this great source. Remember, your GPA is of paramount importance, so focus on it and take action. Good luck!

How to Score Good in Law School Exams

Law school exam

Law school exams are of paramount importance for any law school students. All students have to go through a strict admission process to get into a law school. Obviously, all of them are excited to get into a good law school. But, this is not everything. You need to make sure that you do well in the exams; otherwise chances are very high that after completing your education you will not get a very good job. GPA is very important for getting a good job. Read this article. It talks about how to do well in law school exams. Hope, you will learn some tips & tricks.

Don’t Cram: Cramming does not work in law school exams. It is not like high school exams. You need to learn the laws and know how to use it properly. If the questions are focused on practical life, then you might have a hard time answering them properly. So, try to understand the laws properly. You could start making group study and participate in many practice exams to understand them well.

Don’t Overwrite and Oversimplify: Both overwriting and oversimplification are bad. They might create serious problems in hypothetical exams. If you overwrite, then you are wasting your time. Overwriting is caused by poor planning. Also, if you don’t understand the question or feel very nervous, then you might overwrite. On the other hand, if you oversimplify, then the examiner will feel that you missed very important points because of lack of proper study. Ignoring important points is not good for a student at all. So, you need to make a balance so that you can pass all important information properly.

Manage Your Time Smartly: Time management is another important factor that you must give a lot of attention to. You have to be very organized in the exam hall. Suppose, you have to answer 2 question and you have 4 hours. You should spend 2 hours for both of them. If you don’t manage time properly, then one answer might receive your ignorance. In fact, overwriting and oversimplification depend on time management hugely.

These are some basic tips & tricks to perform well in law school exams. If you follow them, you could maintain a good GPA. Good luck!