A Close Look at the US News Law School Rankings

Millions of Americans look forward to the annual US news law school rankings which rate the performance of the top universities in the entire country.

Although there are no movements among those in the uppermost positions, the attention now goes to the statistical rankings after the first ten and the schools listed below the upper one hundred category. The newest US news law school rankings have now been divided into two major groupings. The first is the first 145 institutions as decided by their respective mathematical scores and the second level which is registered alphabetically but not assigned any particular grade.

There was a recent indication from the proponents of US news law school rankings that there is a plan to extend this system of grading to harmonize with the so-called Best Colleges ratings. The US news law school rankings have earned a fair share of backers and critics during the past few years. According to the more cynical faction, US news law school rankings generate insincere or pretentious differences between the schools that lie at the bottom and those academic institutions that have garnered the highest marks in the upper echelons. On the other hand, those who favor the results say that they are comfortable with the rulings of the US news law school rankings. Still others dispute that the differences between the schools are negligible to the point that it is not necessary to give them any ranks.

This has brought about a lot of protests, grievances and violent reactions among school administrators, legal luminaries, educators and students about the correctness and usefulness of this check and balance process. Nonetheless, the public perception still rules in its favor. The media advisory is widely perceived as a manifestation of what is really taking place in the legal academic world.



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