3 Important Tips to Get Into A Law School

Law schools are one of the most desired places for numerous students these days. In fact, the huge number of applicants proves the popularity, demand of the subject. According to the stats, less than 9% students get the chance to get into their desired law schools. You see, how stiff the competition is. Chances are […]

Berkeley Law School

Berkeley Law School Offering a world-class education in a picture-perfect atmosphere, the Berkeley Law School not only offers one of the lowest tuition rates out of all the top law schools, they offer an education atmosphere that is second to none. Trying to rebrand itself from the past, Berkeley Law has slowly crept up to […]

NYU Law School

NYU Law School Known for its academic excellence, the NYU Law School not only provides a top-notch eduction, it provides some of the best job opportunities in the world. Placed among some of the best law schools in the nation, NYU consistently makes the top 10 lists of many credible publications such as US News. […]

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School A name such as Harvard shouldn’t be explained as almost all of us know the prestige that this historic name carries. Pumping over 500 J.D. degrees each year, Harvard Law School has known to graduate more students than any other Ivy League University. While some students often see this as a problem, […]