Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School Sprawled across thousands of acres in Sunny California, the Stanford Law School has become a world-class dream for many potential law students. Setting atop the beautiful rolling hills of sunny California, Stanford has consistently been a top five law school in the United States. While getting into Stanford has been a challenge […]

Night Law Schools

Top 10 Night Law Schools Many students today often don’t have the time to attend a law school full-time during the day. Law schools have quickly realized this fact and have quickly begun to offer night and weekend classes. Students that don’t have time to attend classes during the day but have the passion to […]

Online Law School Rankings

Online Law School Rankings: Our Top 6 In order to become a lawyer in most states, students are required to graduate from a school that has been accredited by the American Bar Association. In every state but California, there are currently no accredited online programs. Future law students that are interested in studying law may […]

California Accredited Law Schools

California Accredited Law Schools to Consider Those that want to study law in the state of California are going to find that there are a lot of law schools out there. It’s important to note that the law school must be fully accredited in order to study law in the state of California. The schools […]

Extracurricular Activities for Law School Applications

When you are submitting a law school application you need to have the proper material on it. Many months before applying you should start participating in extracurricular activities that will make you stand out from the crowd. Any extracurricular activity that you can participate in which demonstrates your leadership skills will be beneficial to your […]