Why Become a Lawyer?

Thousands of students struggle through law school every year. They go into debt, they stress and they question their futures, many are led to question… why am I doing this? One of the first things they teach you in law school is that you cannot change law. So many students go into law school believing […]

How to Pass the LSAT

You have read the articles all over the internet… it is basically impossible to pass the LSAT without properly preparing for it beforehand. I do not mean you study the night before, or the week before. I mean you start studying at least a couple months before the actual test. You need to learn what […]

Experience the law school

Once the decision to enroll in a law school preparation course has been made its necessary to think carefully about what you want to get out of it. Law Schools are not for students who just want to listen effortlessly. If that is your intention this course is not for you. Law schools have preparation […]

How to spend some quality time in law school

The first year of law school will keep you constantly busy. You will find no free time at all which cannot be used to do something related to school work. There is always something or the other related to studies which will keep you occupied. But it is very important to find time for yourself […]

Top 5 Hardest State Bar Exams

Although you are probably already stressed about numerous things concerning law school, you will also need to consider which state bar exams are the most difficult. Today, it is thought that the top 5 hardest state bar exam are: New York, Virginia, California, Florida and Maryland. Before we even get started on why these states […]

LSAT sample questions

LSAT Sample Questions Looking for LSAT sample questions?  LSAT has four sections which candidates need to address: Reading Comprehension This section has number of reading comprehension questions. Candidates should read given passage and answer various questions asked about the content. This is done to test the ability of candidate to comprehend the passage. Most of […]