Before Applying to Law School Think About the Cost

You're fresh out of university, passed your LSATs and are on your way to apply for law schools, but there is something you forgot to think about. The cost of law school.

Make sure that law is what you want as a career! The cost of law school is very high, and the majority of you will end up in debt, very fast. In a perfect world, you will have someone to take care of all these expenses for you, but not all of us are lucky enough to have that. Tuition is not the only expense you will have, there is also: transportation, books, supplies, hidden fees, room and board, and many other expenses that will come up unexpectedly.

There is also a chance that you will earn a grant or scholarship, easing your financial burden. Obviously, if you do not want to be heavily in debt, your choice of law school should be swayed by grants or scholarships offered at different schools.

If you cannot afford to pay for law school on your own, you will need to take out a loan from the government or from another private source. There are maximum amounts that you are eligible to borrow from the government and financial aid, and you will typically have to borrow more from a private source to make up for the rest of your tuition. Since you will have to pay the same tuition and other expenses for 3 years (or possibly more) you can begin to imagine the debt you will be in upon graduation.

This all leads to one point: think seriously about applying to law school. Many of those who went on and graduated law school have found it difficult to find work, making debt more difficult to pay off. Make sure that law is the profession you want to be involved in, especially since many students end up more that $200,000 in debt.