Before Applying to Law School Think About School Rankings

No matter what anyone says, law school rankings are extremely important to how likely you are to find a job after graduating and what your grades should be like to get into a law school. Typically, the top 100 law schools will be listed every year and from this list comes the schools you should strive to get into, but also your competition.

You will not be the only student waiting to see this list of top law schools. Every student thinking of applying for law school should know that within this list could be their future. Students are not the only ones looking at this list, companies and employers are looking as well.

However, you must be careful about which recording of the top 100 you are reading. The U.S. News & World Report does not rank all law schools, but ranks only the 188 American Bar Association (ABA) accredited law schools. This is very important as most states allow only those who graduated from a ADA school to write the bar exam. It would be a waste of time and money to attend a law school where you cannot write the bar exam.

The law school rankings will also give you important information concerning what GPA and LSAT scores are being accepted. If your scores areĀ under-par for any particular school, you will know what your chances are for getting in. These lists also contain an approximate cost of attendance, which is helpful to any student thinking of applying to law school.

To pick law schools in the top 100, focus on the top 25 of that list. Any law school which is lower on the list may be detrimental to your chances of finding employment after graduating. Most law firms focus their attention on the most prestigious law schools, which are in top 25. The reason for this is obvious, law firms want those who have had the best legal education. So, before you apply to every law school you see, just think about the top school rankings. The best schools will help to lead to the best jobs.

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