Berkeley Law University of California

Berkeley Law University of California located in Berkeley, California is a Superior law school that offers an Intellectual property program. They established the first environmental law program in the United States thus, they are the pioneers of the green movement.


Berkeley Law University of California is committed to grant scholarships. About two hundred seventy students are enrolled. In applicant screening, they favor students who have respect for others, honest and brilliant. They prioritize students who already have bachelor’s degree and significant related work experience.  They offer concurrent-degree programs with school departments on campus and more combined-degree programs with other institutions than any other top ten law schools.

A firm, legal and ethical foundation with hands on experience is included in the curriculum.

The hallmark of the school is the change of state in ideas.

The faculty of Berkeley Law is composed of above high standards achievers. The professors are approachable and helpful to the needs of the students. They are friendly enough that they look for ways to have time with students outside the classrooms.

Student Life

Berkeley Law University of California has high expectations from their students. They allow room for participation in four student clinics, twelve student journals, and many student organizations.

There are many things students can do during extra-curricular activities. Near the Berkeley Law University of California, there are restaurants, nightlife, theaters or parks. The Bay Area and Northern California has a lot of activities to offer.


The Berkeley Law University of California enables students to put theory into practice by the clinical programs. Hands-on casework for clients builds judicial law skills while classroom seminars provide students with the necessary foundation in relevant law and practice. They understand students for their passion and potential. The clinical programs are staffed by students and faculty who are committed to learning and justice.

Death Penalty Clinic

The Death Penalty Clinic offers hands-on training for law students. This clinic seeks justice for individual clients by providing them with the highest quality representation. It also exposes and evaluates problems significant to the administration of the death penalty.

East Bay Community Law Center

The East Bay Community Law Center is a clinical program that is community based. In order to provide legal services to low-income and underrepresented members of the community near the law school, EBCLC was founded by Berkeley Law students in 1988.

International Human Rights Law Clinic

To design and implement creative solutions to advance the global struggle for the protection of human rights is the goal of the International Human Rights Law Clinic for students.

Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic

To providing representation to individuals, nonprofits, and consumer groups that could not otherwise obtain counsel and offers law students the unparalleled opportunity to learn about law and government institutions and the complexities involved in technology-related law are the aims of the Samuelson Law, Technology and Public Policy Clinic.

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