Berkeley Law School

Berkeley Law School Offering a world-class education in a picture-perfect atmosphere, the Berkeley Law School not only offers one of the lowest tuition rates out of all the top law schools, they offer an education atmosphere that is second to none. Trying to rebrand itself from the past, Berkeley Law has slowly crept up to […]

NYU Law School

NYU Law School Known for its academic excellence, the NYU Law School not only provides a top-notch eduction, it provides some of the best job opportunities in the world. Placed among some of the best law schools in the nation, NYU consistently makes the top 10 lists of many credible publications such as US News. […]

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School A name such as Harvard shouldn’t be explained as almost all of us know the prestige that this historic name carries. Pumping over 500 J.D. degrees each year, Harvard Law School has known to graduate more students than any other Ivy League University. While some students often see this as a problem, […]

Yale Law School

Yale Law School Unanimously considered as one of the best law schools in all of America, the Yale Law School has held #1 positions in countless publications. US News has considered this to be the #1 law school since they started ranking schools. With prominent graduates such as President Clinton and Ford, Yale boasts a […]

Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School Sprawled across thousands of acres in Sunny California, the Stanford Law School has become a world-class dream for many potential law students. Setting atop the beautiful rolling hills of sunny California, Stanford has consistently been a top five law school in the United States. While getting into Stanford has been a challenge […]

U.S. News Law School Rankings

Those students looking to train for a career as a lawyer often turn to the prestigious U.S. News and World Report annual ranking of the best law schools in the country.  US News ranks law schools in the U.S. based on tuition, enrollment, LSAT scores, GPA, acceptance rate, assessment scores by lawyers and judges, and […]

Harvard Law School

Harvard Law School located in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a place for people who want to think about the law’s interaction with public policy, business, information and biomedical technologies, and human needs and perceptions. Academics   The 105 full-time professors bring to the School a depth and range of experience unmatched by any other law faculty, […]