Columbia Law School

Columbia Law School located in New York City, New York provides exceptional legal training for students. It is a great place to study legal education.

Columbia Law School commits to excellence in students. There are approximately one thousand two hundred Joint Degree students enrolled across all three years of study. They are known to be the largest of Columbia Law School’s degree programs. Each August, about three hundred eighty women and men enter the community as first-year students, and approximately forty five enter the second-year class as transfer students.


The classrooms are the most important rooms on campus at Columbia Law School. In order to become leaders for the world and the intellectual resources, the students are training in classrooms.

In most challenging areas in Law School, Columbia Law School commits itself to success. Like the practice of law at the highest level, the curriculum is global, interdisciplinary, and rigorously practical.

Student Life

The opportunity to learn with the exceptional individuals who comprise its community is justifiable compelling reason to study law at Columbia Law School. Columbia chooses men and women with extraordinary intellectual gifts and outstanding academic credentials in selecting its students and appointing its faculty.

Columbia continues to attract one of the very largest and most highly qualified applicant pools in the country. During the past decade, a period marked by significant changes in the demand for legal education. As evaluated by the principal criteria used to measure admissions selectivity, application volume, acceptance rates, median LSAT scores, and undergraduate performance .Columbia continues to stand among the most highly selective law schools in the United States. In selecting students, Columbia has long considered it essential to go beyond outstanding academic credentials. One would be hard pressed to identify a leading law school more diverse than Columbia.

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