Extracurricular Activities for Law School Applications

When you are submitting a law school application you need to have the proper material on it. Many months before applying you should start participating in extracurricular activities that will make you stand out from the crowd. Any extracurricular activity that you can participate in which demonstrates your leadership skills will be beneficial to your application. It does not really matter which activity you which to do, just show that you can lead or organize something aside from your regular homework. Join a debate team in your university to show you can make a sound argument. Any experience you have prior to law school, but involving law is an asset. If you had to pay for your college or university and did not have time to do extracurriculars it’s okay! Law schools like to see that you can multitask having a job and went through school. Basically, they want to see that you have leadership skills and can manage having a life while being in school.

Another option you can consider is volunteering. If you get through law school and land a job you will probably have to do work pro bono, you might as well get a head start and show the law schools that you are willing to work for those who need it most. Although it may be difficult, try to get a volunteering position at a law office or firm, having experience in either of these places will look fantastic on a resume.

Try to be honest about how many hours you have spent doing extracurricular activities or volunteering. Although some schools do not check to see if your information is false, most of them will check to make sure you are not falsifying your information. There is little point in not being accepted into a university because you did not volunteer but you LSAT was great. Be honest and do not run the risk of getting caught lying. It’s not worth it. Remember, if your application looks like it is lacking something, add your hobbies or interests. Law schools want to know what you are interested in so that they know you are well-rounded and not solely focused on one thing.,