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Harvard Law School

A name such as Harvard shouldn’t be explained as almost all of us know the prestige that this historic name carries. Pumping over 500 J.D. degrees each year, Harvard Law School has known to graduate more students than any other Ivy League University. While some students often see this as a problem, those that graduate often detest this statement. Exciting opportunities and a powerful name is what lures many potential law students to Harvard.

Harvard Law School Admissions

Boasting one of the best law schools in all the nation, Harvard has a very strict admissions process. Over 75 percent of successful applicants have a LSAT score higher than 173, which is very impressive compared to other top 10 schools of this caliber. Aside from these high LSAT numbers, the 75th percentile GPAs stand between 3.7 and 3.97. While many schools don’t place a large emphasis on the GPA, it seems as Harvard has one of the highest standards in terms of numbers.

Application Process

Due to the sheer amount of applications that the Harvard Law School receives, they have implemented a process that can give an approval notice a lot quicker than other credible top 10 law schools. While rumors on the web proclaim that Harvard places a large emphasis on numbers and not personality, there have been studies showing that even students with a lower than average GPA, but a well-written personal statement were accepted.


Numbers aside, Harvard Law School places a large part of their acceptance on personal interviews. These interviews will be conducted with a committee on campus. During these interviews, committee members are able to create a personal connection with the applicant. They can learn about your personal accomplishments, why you want to attend Harvard, and what your future beholds. Only a fraction of applicants receive an interview appointment.

Harvard Law School Campus


Established in 1636, Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Approximately 3.4 miles of downtown Boston, Harvard has many buildings that include administration offices, the main library, academic buildings and a variety of freshman dormitories. Folded in the campus include a variety of high-class shopping, bars, restaurants and clubs that students can visit.


More than 50 percent of students live off-campus. Those that stay on campus will find that there a variety of housing options available. Freshman that come on campus will be required to stay in special dormitories that are designed solely for freshman. Students that have a status higher than a sophomore can choose from residential housing that are nestled along the Charles River. If a student doesn’t want to stay on campus, there are a variety of off-campus housing options that are available.


Dining options are aplenty on Harvard’s campus. With a variety of dining options, one of the main places that students eat in the Harkness Commons Place. This area includes a full cafĂ©, a small bar and Starbucks. Students that don’t want to eat on campus will find that a variety of options are within minutes of walking distance.

Getting Around

Students don’t necessarily need a car to get around, but if they bring one, it won’t hurt. The surrounding Harvard area is known for its great public transportation system. Minutes away from Boston, students can hop on the bus or subway and can in Boston within a few minutes.

The Culture

Students often find themselves hanging around the same people who are within their groups. Harvard will allow each group of students up to $12,000 to spend on leisure activities throughout the school year. This fund can be used to hold parties, contests or trips. This fund is designed to allow students to socialize and have fun with the other groups on campus. These extracurricular activities will often make newcomers overwhelmed.


Harvard students that are interested in joining clubs will be happy to know that a different clubs are available on campus. These clubs include those such as the Environmental Law Society and others such as the Jewish Law Students Association. There are also a handful of other clubs that are associated with sports, law and other interests.

Harvard Law School Degrees Available

Students that are interested in learning with Harvard are going to find that a variety of degrees that can be taken. The school offers the following degree programs:

    • JD/MBA with Harvard Business School
    • JD/MPP or MPA-ID with Harvard Kennedy School
    • JD/MPH with Harvard School of Public Health
    • JD/MUP with the Graduate School of Design
    • JD/PhD with the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Harvard Law School Education

Considered average in terms of student/faculty ratio, Harvard Law School has a 10:1 ratio. While it’s not at the top of the list, it’s right in the middle for top 15 law schools. Students that are entering their first year with Harvard will find that all of their first year classes will be with the same body of students. This body of students will include around 80 people with 7 different sections. The reason that Harvard does this is because they want students to create a personal bond with one another. This is a process that many law schools enact today.


In a student’s first year at Harvard Law School, students will find that this semester is no different from any other law school. Students will complete courses in Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and other cores. All first level students will have a representative from a higher level throughout the school year to make sure that they are on the right path to success.

Grading System

Using the same approach as Yale and Stanford, Harvard will grade on a pass/fail basis. Countless studies have shown that this type of approach can cause less stress on a student’s life. Even though this is a pass/fail type setup, students can focus on things outside of the classroom such as extracurricular activities. While employers can look at grades and factor them for a job, most employers that look Harvard graduate grades will consider outside activities to be more powerful than a grade.

The Professors

As one of the more influential faculty in all the nation, Harvard boasts one of the best class of professors. With well-known scholars from around the globe, Harvard is known to have a professional staff that truly cares for their students. Students claim that one thing that they love about the Harvard staff is that most professors are available, even in the off-hours. Concerned that the students learn, professors will do everything in their own power to make sure that this happens.

Harvard Law School Costs of Attending

Students that plan on attending Harvard full-time should expect to pay $48,786 for tuition, including fees. Students that want to live on campus should factor in another 19,000 for the year. A conservative budget for incoming students that wish to stay on campus should plan on spending close to $68,000.

Financial Aid

Harvard offers a low protection income plan for students that don’t meet a minimum income requirement. If a student graduates and receives a job that pays less than average, Harvard will help students with their loans. Other programs such as financial aid and grants are available to all students on campus.

Harvard Law School Graduates

Boasting high-caliber names such as President Obama and Chief Justice John Roberts, Harvard has had its fair share of success graduates. 92 percent of Harvard Law School graduates find employment within six months of graduation. The median salary for those entering the private sector find themselves making an average of $150,000 per year, while students choosing the public route find their median salary to be around the $56,000 range. A majority of students find themselves entering the corporate law field while the public interest field isn’t too far behind.

Harvard wants to welcome each student with open arms. With hundreds of activities, an amazing faculty and a classroom atmosphere that will teach you everything you need to know, many students find that Harvard Law School is a great place to spend a few years at.

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