How to be Productive in Law School

Although procrastination sometimes gets the best of us there are a couple ways to remain productive throughout law school. Your first step is to get plenty of rest. I know this might seem difficult between all of the homework, assignments, papers, tests, exams and readings, but rest is one of the most important ways to remain productive. In order to retain information your body needs to be well rested and your mind needs to stay sharp.

Also, your body will need exercise. You will be sitting down and studying so often in law school that you need to remember to actually get up and walk around. You need to give yourself breaks, it doesn’t matter if it is only you walking up and down stairs or going for a short walk outside. The best way to retain all this new information is to ensure that your mind has the chance to not be taking information in without breaks.

Becoming organized is a very important way to stay productive in law school. Your life outside of law school will not stop because you are in law school. You need to learn how to handle all of these distractions by assigning them certain times which you can consider your breaks. Buying groceries, walking the dog, calling home… all of these things need to be done, so organize them in a way that suits your schedule best.

Lastly, write down what you have accomplished. If you can see what you have done or how far you have come then it will give you the inspiration you will need to continue doing what you do best.