How to Pass the LSAT

You have read the articles all over the internet… it is basically impossible to pass the LSAT without properly preparing for it beforehand. I do not mean you study the night before, or the week before. I mean you start studying at least a couple months before the actual test. You need to learn what kind of questions will be on the test and how to properly tackle each one.

The LSAT score is the most important scores that will make or break your acceptance into a law school. As always, the higher the score, the better. You will want to try your very best to get the top score. In order to do this, you will need a little help.

First, take the prep courses! They are a little bit pricey, with most ranging between $1000 to $1,600, but it's worth it. If you are able to attain a good score on the LSAT, you have a much higher chance of being accepted into one of the top law schools. When you take the full length prep course you will cover all the different sections you will need to focus on. Although the questions will not be the same on the LSAT itself, it will teach you how to approach the question in order to find the proper answer.

This being said, you cannot take these courses and believe you will get an amazing score. You need to understand what is being taught and the methods being used. There is going to be a lot of homework given, try your best to complete it all, it will help you. One ‎ of the greatest things about the LSAT prep course is that it has LSAT questions which were used on older tests.

Second, it is very important to find practice tests. Throughout your studying you will need to understand how to answer the questions being asked, but to also know how much time you have to answer each question. How many of these tests you want to study is completely up to you. If you are able to do 5 LSAT test and get high scores, chances are you will want to study through other means.

Third, LSAT preparation books. These books will help you learn how to answer questions faster, which is what most people need. They will have practice tests and methods to answer the questions. Usually they have a section to write on the side as well, which is great for when you are actually practicing answering the questions.

Last, be prepared the night before the actual test. There is nothing worse than running around trying to find clothes and pencils an hour before the LSAT. Finish whatever you can the night before the LSAT and relax as much as you can the actual day of. If you have been studying for 2 months, you should be able to relax the day of the test. There is no point in stressing at this point, you either know what you are doing or you will need to take the LSAT again.

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