How to spend some quality time in law school

The first year of law school will keep you constantly busy. You will find no free time at all which cannot be used to do something related to school work. There is always something or the other related to studies which will keep you occupied. But it is very important to find time for yourself to do other things which not related to studies. If not, you will experience burnout and it will adversely effect your grades.

Joining one or more of the Law School’s clubs or organizations will surely help. Make sure to attend intro meetings. This will help you in knowing more about the organization and you will get free food as well!. Select a few of these organizations which might interest you and then join them. Do not hold any major or leadership positions in the organizations as this might take extra time and distract you from your studies.

If student organizations are not to your liking, then join a fitness club or volunteer. The Idea is to do something to keep your mind fresh by taking your mind away from studies for a while.

Also keep an eye out for parties and events which keep happening year round (except when the exam

season nears). There will be lots to choose from. Fresher’s Party, send-offs etc,.

Organizing events with some companies is a wonderful and useful way to spend time as it gives a huge exposure to the companies and their workings. You will get to meet the people working

for those companies. Attending such event and listening to the speeches from experienced associates of the company also enriches you and grows the spirit of becoming a successful individual.

And then you can of course spend some quality time by just hanging around with friends, chatting while having a cup of coffee and just chilling out.

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