How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School

Writing a personal statement for law schools can be very intimidating. You need to give a lot of thought to which schools suit you the best, while also considering what content will be in your personal statement. Before you send in your personal statement, keep these important suggestions in mind:

1. Research the School Throughly

Not every school will want to hear the same thing. Spend some time researching about the schools you will be applying to. You need to read about the courses that are being offered, the events occurring, extra-curricular activities, competitions, and anything else that strikes you as interesting. All of the research that you do in these areas will make your personal statement  informative and allows those reading to know just how interested you are in the school.

2. To the Point

When you are writing your personal statement, make sure to answer all questions clearly and promptly. Any off-topic writing will make the reader question you ability to follow directions. So, in your personal statement, be polite and direct.

3. Be Engaging

Most successful personal statements make the reader engage with it. Writing a good personal story helps to give purpose to the personal statement, while also creating a bond between you and the reader. To get ahead of the rest, you need to show that you are different.

4. Be Unique

Remember, these schools have thousands of papers to read. In order to be noticed give unique examples about you and your life, avoid writing like everyone else. Using any kind of generic example will not allow you to be their first choice.

5. Edit Work!

Although this is overlooked by many, editing you work is very important. Handing in a paper with errors will automatically let a school know that you are not interested in attending. Have a friend look over your work and show law schools that you are professional and dedicated to attending law school.

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