Impressive Results Achieved by ABA Accredited Law Schools

The largest professional association in the world is American Bar Association (ABA). The association consists of 40,000 members. The association equally serves public and its members. The main function of ABA is to provide ABA accredited law schools. These law schools assist their students in their applications decisions.

The top ABA accredited law schools are as follows.

  • Yale law school- A $110 million renovation is undergone by this law school recently.  12 point of application process should be undergone by the students in this ABA accredited law schools along with the personal letters and recommendations. Honors, pass, low pass and fail grading system can be noticed in this law school.
  • Harvard law school- Quick admission process is offered by this ABA accredited law schools. This law school admits around 600 students in an academic year. Student’s chance of admission will be improved if they undergo high law school admission test in this law school. Pass honors and low pass system can be noticed in this law school.
  • Stanford law school- 9 percent of acceptance rate can be seen in this law school. The use of multiple LSAT scores is included in its decision. 8.6 to 1 is the ratio of students to teachers in this ABA accredited law schools. Tuitions are also granted in this law school for the students.
  • Columbia university school of law- 8500 applications is received by the Columbia university law school every year with a 7 percent of admission rate. Required course load is provided to the students in the first year. Elective choices of courses are offered to the students in the second and third year.
  • New York university school of law- 7000 applications is received by this law school in an academic year. Early action option is offered for the incoming students by this law school. 98.2 percent of impressive results can be noticed in this ABA accredited law schools.

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