Is Law School Worth It?

When you think long and hard about the costs, debts, stresses and work you have to put in going into law school, you have to wonder…

Unless you have a guaranteed way to pay for school, you will incur a lot of debt. The cost of tuition is extremely high for law school, especially if you are going to want to attend one of the top ten law schools in America. When you graduate you will need to find a job which will pay off a decent portion of your debt. This will only happen if the grades you receive in first year are high enough to compete with the other people in your class. Without being noticed you will not be able to secure the job you want, making it even more difficult to pay off your debt. Sure, it's possible to study law part-time, letting you earn a little extra cash on the side, but taking any attention away from law school can be dangerous. Not only are you in classes all day, but there will also be seminars, essays, readings and journal competitions you need to be concerned about. If you are going to attend law school and go into debt, give it your full attention. There is no point in spending that much money and doing poorly.

Think about which law school you will be attending. If it isn't on the list of the top 20 schools, chances are, you will have a much harder time finding a good paying job. Employers, law firms, companies are all looking at your grades and what school you are attending. The reason for this: they believe you will have a better education if you went to a high ranking school. If you are going to law school with the hope of making large sums of money, go to a good school, earn high grades and compete for the law journals during first year.

It all boils down to this, your heart needs to be in it. If you are going to go into debt and stress about which law school you want to attend, you need to love law. Law needs to be exactly what you want for a career, your passion. If you are studying law simply to make money, you may end give up somewhere along the way, leaving you only with debt and wasted time. Being a lawyer is not something you can turn off once you go home, it is a full time job, and you will need to take work home with you. Make sure applying and attending is worth it for you and your future.