Law School Requirements

The competition to get into law school is very high. You need to ensure that you have taken the proper steps into being accepted into the school you want.

You need to first consider the LSAT. It is by far the most important step you will take in getting into law school. If you are taking the test in your junior year (which many people do) be sure to have enough time to retake the test. The vast majority of people go into the LSAT unprepared and consequently fail or do poorly on the LSAT. Ensure you have enough time to make up for a poor test score!

You also need to consider which courses you are taking during your undergraduate programs. Some law schools look directly at your transcripts for courses which they may find useful for your new school. If you have taken courses in philosophy, sociology or political science then it heightens your chances of being accepted. Some law schools also see if you have taken courses in business or economics as you will need experience in finances once you become a lawyer. Law schools try to look for well rounded students who they believe will succeed in their school.

Your GPA is an extremely important indicator as to if law schools will accept you. Generally people have very high GPAs when they are accepted into law school. The higher your GPA, the more likely you will be accepted. If you have a slightly lower GPA but a high LSAT the law schools may still accept you.

Lastly, you will more than likely have to give a personal statement which says something about you to get into law school. If you give a boring stereotypical statement, you will lessen the likelihood of you being accepted. Give the law schools something they will remember or you will not be accepted at all!