Law School Requirements

Although each law school has its own specific admissions process, law school requirements are pretty much similar from school to school.   Many people from an array of different professional and academic histories decide to attend law school each year.  The admissions process for law school is a bit complicated but straightforward.

requirement law schools

The typical law school requirements involves:

  • Completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited university or college.  Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to take pre-law curriculum to be considered for law school in most instances.  What you do need is good grades.  The better your overall GPA, the better your choice of meeting the law school requirements for the law school that you wish to attend.  Law school admissions committees also look at your undergraduate work to see that you have a wide range of different skills and a diverse background.
  • Acceptable scores on the LSAT. LSAT is simply an acronym for the Law School Admissions Test. This test measures your reading skills, reasoning, and logic.  It takes less than a day to complete the LSAT and it is offered four times annually.  Most prospective law school students study for months (or even years) for the LSAT.  There are many books and study guides on the market that can help you to better prepare for this important test.  Getting a high score on the LSAT gives you a better chance of getting into the law school of your choice.  Depending on the school, law school requirements may require that you have a particular LSAT score to be considered for admission.
  • A great admissions essay and personal statement.  Most law schools put a lot of stock in the personal essay that they require of applicants, and the personal statement of goals and objectives that the student submits.
  • Good character.   Law school requirements also include having a good character.  You will need excellent letters of recommendation from prominent community members, former or current employers and college professors.  Your character can also be seen in your involvement in extracurricular activities, charities, and the community.

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