Law School Scholarships

If you have already been accepted to a law school you have probably already seen the ridiculous costs of law school. Remember, the number you see is only for tuition (and possibly room and board), it does not include the prices of food, drink, fun, books and all those other supplies you need. There are many hidden costs to law school, and chances are you will want to find scholarships or bursaries to help you along the way.

In order to be able to get some of the scholarships offered by the school, you need to be enrolled in the school. For these scholarships you will need to maintain a good GPA and attendance. This may cause additional stress in the classroom, but it is worth it to not have to pay the full amount for law school. Usually the requested GPA is not much higher than the expected grades at law school.

Many other (probably most) of the scholarships are available online. You need to research which scholarship you want and then submit your application. Scholarships online usually require that you submit an essay, text or examination to see if you qualify for the scholarship.

In order to secure that you will receive help for you tuition you need to collect and find as many scholarships as you can. Go to libraries, talk to professors, search online, even talking to guidance counsellors will allow you to make a list. You need to watch out for the application deadlines and try to be the first to apply for the scholarships. Most scholarships have very strict rules and deadlines, if you are late, you will not be accepted. If you apply when the applications are first being accepted you heighten your chances of getting the scholarship. You do not want tired eyes to be reading over your application, you need to be the person who they notice.

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