List of Law School Scholarships

If you are fascinated to study law or close to finishing the four year degree and you are planning to move to law schools, you have possibly discovered the large expenses involved in this superior goal. Unfortunately there are only few law school scholarships program for graduates in general. However, you can really find many of law school scholarships which are related directly to the course of study and the expert you aim to pursue, if you know where to look.

Some law school scholarships are provided directly. For example, Pace Law Schools, which has campuses in Westchester and New York City. In this university the scholarships are accessible for partial and full tuition.  In order to succeed, the students should be already enrolled in the program, by maintaining an excellent GPA, some work experiences, have qualities of leaderships and financial needs. The law school scholarships are usually awarded to the first year students. Check many law schools you wish to attend and see for what scholarships you might be suitable for.

List of law school scholarships:

  • Alliance defense fund: This committee has awarded up to $2500 scholarship for each year to three or four undergraduate students.
  • Lardner and Foley Minority scholarship program: This committee has awarded around $3000 to $5000 scholarship each year to 20-25 graduate and Black undergraduate students.
  • Law student essay competition:  up to $1000 to $3000 is awarded each year for graduate and undergraduate students.
  • Nelson Mandela scholarships: this law school scholarships has been awarded up to $1000 each year around to six black graduate and undergraduate students
  • Sterling and Sherman scholarships: It has awarded up to $15000 each year to around 2 Latino graduate and undergraduate students.
  • William S.Bullinger scholarships:  up to $5000 it is awarded each year to 5 graduate and undergraduate students

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  1. I wish to apply for a scholarship in your reputable institution. I am a young lady of 24 years and completed my Tertiary education at Kumasi Polytechnic in Ghana in the Year 2013.
    My mum is financially broke and I need your Help and have no one to assist me for my carrier to be accomplished. Kindly help me. Counting on your usual cooperation. Thank You

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