LSAT sample questions

LSAT Sample Questions

Looking for LSAT sample questions?  LSAT has four sections which candidates need to address:

Reading Comprehension

This section has number of reading comprehension questions. Candidates should read given passage and answer various questions asked about the content. This is done to test the ability of candidate to comprehend the passage. Most of the times, questions are related to authors tone or about the thesis of the article. Candidates can benefit if they read the questions first before reading the passage so as to get an idea about the information required.

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Logical Reasoning

Logical reasoning section in LSAT has range of questions such as argumentation patterns that might like mini-reading comprehension questions. Some of the question types are which of the subsequent statements if true, most likely to weaken the argument? What is the flaw in the argument? Some of other questions can be like if P happens then Q will happen. P happens. Hence, Q will happen. However, if Q happens, P is not necessarily happen.

Analytic Reasoning

Analytic Reasoning section is also called as logic games. It considered as most difficult section in LSAT by many candidates.  Candidates are asked to order items as per certain conditions and questions are asked based on the given scenario. Test takers can improve their understanding about these type of questions by solving sufficient number of practice papers. This can help them to save the time considerably during the actual examination.

The Writing Sample

The writing sample offers situational question with two equally weighted alternatives. The candidate is evaluated over ability to provide an argument so as to choose one alternative over another.  There is no right or wrong answer to this question hence ability to justify the choice backed by strong rationale can help test takes. Candidates can benefit if they approach this section by evaluating both the scenarios with pros and cons. Afterward, best possible alternative can be recommended driven by comparative analysis of both options.

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