NYU Law School

Known for its academic excellence, the NYU Law School not only provides a top-notch eduction, it provides some of the best job opportunities in the world. Placed among some of the best law schools in the nation, NYU consistently makes the top 10 lists of many credible publications such as US News. More than an Ivy League school, NYU has accolades across many foreign countries too.

NYU Law School Admissions Process

Future law students face some of the toughest challenges with the NYU Law School. Very selective, the admissions staff looks for more than just great GPA and LSAT scores. Aside from these numbers, NYU places a heavy emphasis on volunteer work, public service dedication and notable referrals. Students that are interested in this school will often have to meet the following demands:

GPA: The average GPA stands around 3.7.

LSAT: The median LSAT score is 172. Students that hand in multiple LSAT scores will only be judged based upon the average.

Stats to Know

Each year, NYU receives more than 7,000 applications. Out of those 8,000, NYU only accepts less than 500. These numbers alone make NYU one of the most competitive law schools in the United States today.

NYU Law School Cost

Students that plan on attending school full-time should expect to pay around $48,000. Full-time students that want to live on campus should factor in another $22,000. $70,000 is a conservative budget about what students should plan on spending each year if living on campus full-time.


The NYU Law School has a very unique scholarship program that awards people who will dedicate themselves to public service. Students that show a commitment to public service can potentially be awarded a full tuition scholarship. This type of scholarship will be awarded to 20 students each year. To become eligible, NYU will require that the student enrolls in the LLM program.

NYU Law School Education

The NYU Law School is widely known for its international and tax law specialties. Other programs that are known to be the best throughout the nation include their intellectual law and trail advocacy programs. Entering the first year of the program, students are required to fulfill their curriculum. After their second year, students will find that they will have one of the widest selections of elective courses available.

What to Expect

Students that are entering their first year at NYU Law School should prepare to practice the necessary skills in NYU’s hands-on clinical programs. Through these programs, students will work with simulated courses and situations receiving the hands on training required to succeed.


The NYU School of Law offers joint degree programs through other schools such as the Stern School of Business and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. There are also more than 15 foreign schools that students can attend throughout the world.

Class Sizes

Students entering in their first year at the school will find that the average class size tends to be between 75 and 100 students. Upper-level students that are in their second and third year will find that the classes are going to be a lot smaller around 25 to 30 students. NYU now boasts one of the best student to faculty ratios at 9.6:1.

NYU Law School Campus

Located in Greenwich Village, New York, students are amazed at the entertainment that surrounds the campus. With thousands of bars, clubs, restaurants and shopping, downtown New York City has everything a student needs. Even though the cost of living is high compared to most colleges in the United States, many current students state that they wouldn’t change a thing.

What’s on Campus?

The campus provides a wide arrange of buildings an amenities. Noted below are some of the most popular buildings that law students enjoy:

Furman Hall: Furman Hall connects to the library and features many classrooms and study areas. The top floors feature the career counseling center and private clinic practice areas.

Vanderbilt Hall: Opened in 2004, Vanderbilt Hall connects to the library. Hosting a large lounge and study space, students can find law students studying, clinics and even luxury apartments on the top floors.


Students that live on campus will find that a variety of halls that they can choose from. Most students often choose to stay on campus due to the high cost of living that the city offers. The nice thing about living on campus is that most students don’t have to fight NYC traffic since all the residence halls are within walking distance. Listed below are a few of the halls available to students on campus:

D’Agostino Residence Hall: Housing more than 300 students, the D’Agostino Residence Hall connects to the main side of Vanderbilt Hall. This residence hall is more than 14 stories tall offering breathtaking views of the Empire State Building and parts of downtown New York City. The lower level features a study lounge equipped with printers and computers, while the housing features high-class amenities.

Mercer Street Residence: Being able to house more than 500 students, the Mercer Street Residence is located a couple blocks away from the D’Agostino Hall. Compared to other housing on campus, this particular location tends to be more spacious. Featuring a game room, large lobby and computer rooms, most of the organizations find themselves meeting here.


Due to the proximity of New York City, a majority of the students on campus don’t have a car. Instead, many opt for the public transportation system. New York City is packed full of city buses, subways and taxi cabs. With thousands upon thousands of restaurants and shopping districts within a few miles of campus, students find that a car is unnecessary.

NYU Law School Graduates

Upon graduation, many students find themselves with supreme job placement opportunities. One of the main reasons is due to the face that New York City is home to some of the best law firms in all the nation. With nine months of graduating, all students find some sort of work in the surrounding area. While most stay on the east coast, less than 10 percent find themselves traveling to the west coast for work.

Where They Go

A majority of the students that graduate take jobs at local private law firms. Less than 10 percent of graduates work in the public sector space. Students that work in the private sector can expect to earn at least $150,000 per year, while the public sector graduates earn an average of $60,000 per year.

Bar Exam

Over 95 percent of graduates pass the Bar Exam on their first attempt. This number is compared to the 75 percent of students throughout the state of New York that pass on their first try. Because of this high success rate, students can expect lucrative job offers after they pass the exam.

Notable Alumni

NYU boasts a mile long list of notable alumni. Some names that you may have heard of include former NHL commissioner Paul Tagliabue, Evan Chesler, the president of ConocoPhillips, and many U.S. Representatives such as Mitchell Jenkins and Jefferson Monroe Levy.

Being considered one of the best law schools in the United States, the NYU Law School diverse classroom settings and top-notch professors has the won the respect with many people around the globe. With some of the highest employment placements in the nation, it’s no wonder why many future law students have this program at the top of their list.

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