Online Law School Rankings: Our Top 6

In order to become a lawyer in most states, students are required to graduate from a school that has been accredited by the American Bar Association. In every state but California, there are currently no accredited online programs. Future law students that are interested in studying law may want to consider practicing in the state of California due to the variety of accredited online law schools that they have to offer. California is the only state that doesn’t require students to obtain an ABA-accredited law degree before taking the bar exam.

Students that are interested in taking their law classes online may be interested in the online law school rankings noted below:

California Southern University – Registered with the Bar Examiners in the state of California, CSU offers a JD program that is 100 percent online. Offering one of the finest law schools in all of the country, students can complete their coursework both online or in person if they choose. Successful applicants must have a GPA of 3.4 and a LSAT of at least 165.

Abraham Lincoln University – Registered in the state of California, Abraham Lincoln University offers both online and in-person lectures. Students can watch lectures live on their computers and even access archives through their online database. In order to be a candidate for acceptance, ALU offers a unique admissions test known as the “Admissions Assessment TEST.” ALU also asks that students have completed 60 credits of undergraduate work and supply a personal statement.

Concord Law School – An online based school located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, they are a subsidiary of the Kaplan Corporation. As only one of the five long distance learning schools accredited by the state of California, students that are interested in attending this online school will have to take a unique admission test in order to be considered by the school. The school also looks for a minimum of 60 credits from an undergraduate degree and a personal statement. The LSAT, while considered, isn’t a necessity in the approval process.

Taft Law School – Located in Santa Ana, California, the Taft Law School offers a distance education that is 100 percent online. While the state of California lists this school as an unaccredited law school, they offer Juris Doctor and Master of Laws programs. The Taft Law School may not be accredited as a correspondence school, but the Distance Education and Training Council granted them accreditation in 2003. Students that are interested in this school only require transcripts from previous institutions. Taft doesn’t place a large emphasis on the LSAT or even past GPAs.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law – An independent law school located in San Diego, California, Thomas Jefferson offers exclusive law programs that are available solely online. Offering a picture perfect location and a small classroom size both in person and online, Thomas Jefferson sets the bar high for its students. Earning its full ABA accreditation in 2001, students are required to have a LSAT of 151 and a GPA of at least 3.0.

Northwestern California University School of Law – The last school to mention on our online law school rankings is the Northwestern California University School of Law. An online correspondence based institution that was founded in the early 1980s, NWCU has grown to be the oldest online law school today. Authorized by the state of California to award a Juris Degree, Northwestern online isn’t fully accredited by the California State Bar just yet. To be considered for the school, students are asked to have completed at least 60 credits at an accredited university and have a GPA of at least 2.0.

Choosing an Online Law Degree

Earning an online law degree is no different than getting that degree in a personal classroom setting. Offering several unique challenges, note that the only state that can offer a legitimate online law degree is the state of California. They are the only current state that allows online students to sit for the bar exam with an online degree. As long as you’re willing to move to this state upon graduation, then you’ll be able to practice law successfully. After years of work after a successfully graduation, lawyers can often move to other states with their experience.

If seriously considering an online law school, research the online law school rankings noted above. Keep in mind that every school will have their own criteria when applying. Studying online isn’t for anyone, but those that do graduate always find that the experience was worthwhile.