Top ABA Accredited Law Schools Present in the U.S.

ABA which is the abbreviation for American Bar Association is the body which accredits and ranks about 200 law schools present in the United States. Formed in the years 1878 this accrediting body believes in promoting high quality legal education among people and increase the public understanding of law.

For those of you looking to pursue a career in law it’s important that you seek higher education from ABA accredited law schools and colleges. In order to make things easier for you below are mentioned few of the top ABA accredited law schools present in the U.S.

Harvard Law School

This law school offers a inspired and lively environment to all its students. Every year this law school enrolls about 1900 students who come from different states and countries. A total of 260 courses are offered at the Harvard Law School which is one of the most popular ABA accredited law schools in the country.

Duke Law School

If you are looking for a law school which offers innovative, determined and qualified education then Duke Law School is the best option for you. This university has received highly acclaimed status and is one of the best ABA accredited law schools in the region. This law school believes in providing students with leadership and skills which will be able to help them seek prominent career in the 21st century.

Yale Law School

Yale Law School is widely known for its excellence and reputation as one of the leading ABA accredited law schools. It functions with a staff of the best faculty in town and offers countless opportunities for students. You can also consider Yale Law School for career building higher education.

Boston University School of Law

Established in 1872 BU school of law has served as pioneer in offering higher education to students in the field of law. This school is also ranked among the top ten law schools in the nation by Princeton Review because of the high quality education it offers. BU school of law is a strong community of valued learners, it’s also among the ABA accredited law schools present in the Unites States.

Completing your Law Degree

Before you decide to become a lawyer, it is necessary to find out how many years is law school before you can eventually start the legal practice.

The first step in this profession is to finish four to five years of a pre-law course followed by the actual law subjects that will take a total of three years.  To fully comprehend how many years is law school for citizens, you need to enroll and complete a baccalaureate degree before entering a reputable institution of higher education.

The first year at law school is the most significant for a student who seeks to complete a law degree since it can serve as the foundation for a fine career. It all depends on the student and his or her performance to find out how many years is law school. Prospective students who wonder how many years is law school going to last should take into account the customary full-time and classroom instructions. For Law institutions duly certified by the American Bar Association, residency requirements may be prescribed.

It is also necessary for incoming law students to pass the prescribed Law School Admission Test for universities and colleges recognized by the ABA. It lays down an average quantity of reading and verbal analysis that can be used by these schools in judging candidates. To ensure that they hurdle this rigid screening, majority of examinees go through a preliminary course, While this is not really the best gauge of a learner’s performance, many schools put considerable emphasis on this examination.

It has been said that one can finish a law degree by taking part in a study group and using up ample time in reading case studies, doing research on cases and answering questions that are asked by professors. This can well be the yardstick in determining how many years is law school for enterprising undergraduates.

The Value of ABA Accreditation

If you look forward to a fine career as a lawyer, one solution is to enroll in ABA approved law schools. Once you have completed your degree in these renowned universities and colleges, you will find it easier to get a good job in the corporate legal world of public practice.

Based on statements made by the American Bar Association, institutions that they give accreditation to are schools that can offer a system of legal education based on the standards set forth by their illustrious organization. ABA approved law schools offer rigid training in various disciplines


ABA approved law schools undergo a strict screening process. They are appraised according to the quality of their educational curriculum, infrastructure and administration support functions. While accreditation is a crucial step in ascertaining a school’s credibility, there are various accreditation agencies aside from the American Bar Association with varying standards. Employers, schools, and government bodies are free to choose the forms of official recognition they will accept when considering an individual’s educational background. ABA approved law schools in the United States can be certified by other legal groups, but this does not imply that law associations or the legal community acknowledges accreditations as sufficient confirmation of quality of education in schools.

The American Bar Association is the most popular professional organization for lawyers in the United States, and it does operate its own accreditation program. All states, except for California have issued a mandate that bar exam candidates should graduate from ABA approved law schools. As a result of this policy, a graduate from a non-ABA-accredited law school is at a major disadvantage if he or she plans to eventually practice law.

Due to the prestige of the American Bar Association, it wields a big influence over educational institutions that offer law courses. Hence, it is of the essence for all schools to be given accreditation by this prestigious body.

The Impact of Law School Rankings

The process of choosing a law school where you can take up your respective degrees can be based on several criteria such as the name of the university, prestige, reputation of academic faculty, cost of education and US news law school rankings.

This can definitely help you in trimming down your options should you be facing a dilemma as to which school to opt for. It would be a waste of time to consider those that you are not inclined to select. It is therefore advisable to assess the US news law school rankings since this can help you in making the final decision. As a matter of fact, the US news law school rankings can help fresh graduates in looking for the high quality universities where they can pursue their studies in legal discipline.

Notwithstanding this development, there have been various criticisms against the US news law school rankings because of the alleged subjective style in coming up with their criteria. That is why even the American Bar Association and the Law School Admission Council have come up with a yearly law school guide that does not law schools through any fixed standards. On the contrary, they provide the public with a set of norms and essential data by which to analyze the performance of law schools.

US news law school rankings have been described as indispensable instruments for law school candidates. They have even become among the best ways to appraise which specific programs will be most beneficial to potential candidates. However, even if these are helpful means of distinguishing between schools, this exerts a lot of demands on graduate courses to keep up their positions in national lists. Schools can always lift up their positions by intensifying selectivity although this may not always be an attribute to assign resources in specific areas.

A Close Look at the US News Law School Rankings

Millions of Americans look forward to the annual US news law school rankings which rate the performance of the top universities in the entire country.

Although there are no movements among those in the uppermost positions, the attention now goes to the statistical rankings after the first ten and the schools listed below the upper one hundred category. The newest US news law school rankings have now been divided into two major groupings. The first is the first 145 institutions as decided by their respective mathematical scores and the second level which is registered alphabetically but not assigned any particular grade.

There was a recent indication from the proponents of US news law school rankings that there is a plan to extend this system of grading to harmonize with the so-called Best Colleges ratings. The US news law school rankings have earned a fair share of backers and critics during the past few years. According to the more cynical faction, US news law school rankings generate insincere or pretentious differences between the schools that lie at the bottom and those academic institutions that have garnered the highest marks in the upper echelons. On the other hand, those who favor the results say that they are comfortable with the rulings of the US news law school rankings. Still others dispute that the differences between the schools are negligible to the point that it is not necessary to give them any ranks.

This has brought about a lot of protests, grievances and violent reactions among school administrators, legal luminaries, educators and students about the correctness and usefulness of this check and balance process. Nonetheless, the public perception still rules in its favor. The media advisory is widely perceived as a manifestation of what is really taking place in the legal academic world.



A Closer Look at Law School Forums

Every year groups of law school faculty, alumni, personnel and current students undertake a massive information campaign to provide applicants with the proper insights and advice about a potential degree in law and legal career.

Law school forums are deemed as effective means of getting substantial and verified information about law schools and their current programs and activities. While attending law school forums, you can interact with representatives of more than one hundred law academic institutes, obtain brochures and other collaterals, sign up for mailing lists and participate in general information lectures that include orientations about law school admission tests and law school miscellany.

In order to maximize your attendance in law school forums, it is necessary to define your objectives such as getting hold of a general idea about the admissions procedures and information about certain schools. You can also acquire location maps of different universities in these law school forums.  The Law School Admissions Committee creates an assortment of sessions that include something about admissions, duties and responsibilities of lawyers and other legal concerns.

Make sure to travel light to avoid any inconveniences when you hop from school to school.  In terms of attire, it is imperative that you wear something appropriate for the law school forums such as the business casual wardrobe. Since there are numerous participants, it is impossible for the speakers to talk individually to the students. Keep all your questions focused and concise to avoid wasting the time of lecturers and other participants. Even if it is the best place to pick up fundamental information, it is not the right place for a thorough evaluation of your application. All follow-ups can be done after the discussions through emails. This is ideal especially if you want to sustain communications with certain schools, speakers and legal luminaries.


The Prestigious American Bar Association

The American Bar Association was established in 19th century by highly esteemed legal personalities in the United States. One of its foremost objectives is to enhance high quality education among all law colleges and universities in the country.

ABA approved law schools earn a distinct status symbol once they are given official accreditation by this influential organization of legal achievers. Based on statistics, as of February 2010, there are already 199 ABA approved law schools in America.

The U.S. News and World Report started ranking the ABA approved law schools recently as fraction of its highly publicized but quite controversial top ranking schools system. This scheme of classification has not at all established the sanction of the three eminent legal groups namely, the American Bar Association, the Association of American Law Schools, or the Council of Faculties of Law Admissions. As a rule, the rankings are described by the three bureaus as too prejudiced, illogical and self-serving.

They are inclined to control the choices of law students because pinnacle rankings are often interpreted as the basis for hiring legal experts after their graduation. It should be the academic performance and the capability of the students and not the rankings that are considered when it comes to the procedure of employment.

The rankings should not influence the decision of employers in their bid to hire the most qualified lawyers in the land. Again, choices should rather be based on the qualifications of the candidates or if they graduated from ABA approved law schools. Perhaps it would be better if the U.S. News and World Report can mount an information drive to convince students to enroll in ABA approved law schools. This media organization can also try to convince those 40 schools that are not accredited by the American Bar Association to work immediately for their official recognition.



The Relevance of LSN in the Legal Community

The popularity of law school numbers continues to grow within prominent legal circles in the entire country. This social networking website focuses on the concerns and requirements of law students, fresh graduates and candidates for law school. In fact, during the recent period, the unique model of law school numbers was utilized to assess the prospects of hopefuls for the forthcoming law college admissions cycle.

Law school numbers looks forward to widen its goal of providing assistance to the increasing number of potential and current students as well as those who have successfully completed the course in various facets of admissions, actual studies and career pattern. The plan is to introduce more elements to transform this technological novelty into a more vibrant entity. Through this move, law school numbers can be expected to circulate more pertinent and quantifiable facts regarding law schools, legal companies and organizations. In layman’s language, the ultimate aim of this particular website is to help neophytes in making crucial decisions about their legal professions.

Law school numbers was conceived several years ago as a complimentary data bank that is user-friendly and can be accessed easily by the public. The logic behind this is to lend a hand to applicants regarding their chances in the admission cycle for law school. Right now, young people who are meditating on the decision to enter a law university and the odds of landing a job equipped with a law degree should get more assistance from proper organizations. The problem is if there are more graduates than available jobs. The numbers will make available more comprehensive framework for those who decide to enroll in law courses. Educational institutions have an important role to play. These universities and colleges should supply the knowledge, expertise and information to their students so that the graduates can easily find employment opportunities.


The Boon of Top Law School Forums

Top law school forums are a big help to students who are quite confused in choosing a particular law school. Admittedly, it is very hard to be admitted to one of the top law schools – Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia or the University of Chicago. In fact, out of more than eight thousand applications, only less than nine percent are admitted to law universities that do not even belong to the first twenty schools in the USA.

It all boils down to the LSAT scores and the grade point average as well as the average scores of those students who have previously been admitted. Top law school forums should be able to help explain this system to prospective students.

There are also the matter of personal statements, reference letters and essays. Make sure that you verify the specifications before sending in your application. This also includes validating whether the school prefers your application transmitted as a complete package.

You need to read through all components. Top law school forums make sure to discuss all these concerns. Acceptance in law school admissions is not that simple so it is a must to submit not only one but several applications. This will enhance your chances of being admitted to law school. According to top law school forums, one chance of making it to a good law university is to go to an equally reputable undergraduate school.

Prepare well before making your final choice. Review thoroughly the schools that accepted you while taking into consideration your financial capabilities and the status of the school. Top law school forums will be of great help in providing the information that can help students in concerns regarding these matters. The main thing is that a graduate of a respectable university has a bigger advantage in terms of getting immediate and good employment

Looking at Law School Numbers

Young people who are eager to get into colleges or universities that offer law degrees may be in for a big surprise. A lot of reports reveal that the market for new lawyers keeps on decreasing.

Numbers do not lie! According to concept of law school numbers, students and graduates are supposed to get help with regards to career paths but if accounts are true, then it may be possible that law schools are not practicing transparency regarding employment statistics. Nonetheless, law school numbers may have become varied with a substantial percentage of graduates hoping to enter law school and launching their professions as lawyers. Because of the economic downturn and rising unemployment, many young people are looking at a law degree as a viable solution to this problem.

Law school numbers are pointing at statistics culled from the Law School Admissions Council which is responsible in managing applications for academic institutions offering law courses. The numbers of college graduates taking up Law Schools Admission Tests have been going up steadily. With this law school numbers website, legal luminaries hope to reverse the negative impressions about acquiring a law degree.

One perception is that some law schools are not telling the reality about the employment opportunities for their graduates. The second is that there is a surplus of lawyers which can linger on unless economic conditions perk up. There are so many lawyers without work so much so that American law universities are often described as ordinary factories.

Perhaps, law school numbers can do something about the excessive costs of a legal education which are often described as ridiculous. Hence, students will find it hard to recover the investment they have put in becoming a full-pledged lawyer. Worse, some lawyers do not stay permanently in their legal profession and this is indeed unwelcome news.