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Today, law schools are great. They are considered one of the most desired destinations of graduates. But, not everyone is lucky enough to get into a good law school as it is very expensive and requires meritorious students. So, many students go for paralegal schools instead of law schools. There are some major differences between them. This article is about the pros and cons of paralegal and law schools. If you are not sure which one to choose, then read this article. It has some great information.

Pros of Paralegal Schools

Paralegal schools are very affordable. Unlike law schools, you don’t have to pay a lot of money. Believe it or not, sometimes law school students have to pay six-figure amount. A paralegal student could start his career after three months of training. You don’t have to even pass the entrance exam. If law schools are not possible for a student, then paralegal schools are the best option for him. They also get overtime pay, and the work pressure is less than a lawyer.

Cons of Paralegal Schools

No doubt paralegal schools are the best option for a lot of students, but chances are very high that you will never make more than 90k per year. Also, shared office environment is a disadvantage of this profession for many people.

Pros of Law Schools

The sky is the limit for a lawyer. Lawyers have unlimited potential to improve and earn. They could even start their own firms. Secretarial support and paralegal support are also included. In fact, because of brilliant career opportunities a lot of students go for law schools every year.

Cons of Law Schools

One of the major demerits of law schools are is its excessive cost. If you have a high LSAT, then you may get some financial aid. To become a lawyer, you have to pass a lot of tests. After graduation even if you don’t pass the bar exam, then you can’t become a lawyer. So, it is a risky journey for many students.

Both paralegal schools and law schools are great. They are different. You need to decide which one suits you the most. Good luck!

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