Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School

Stanford Law School located in Stanford, California has engaged faculty and students, influential alumni, and dedicated staff. The programs which are intensive curriculum, hands–on legal clinics, high-profile academic centers — cultivate professional skills and values, inspire new ideas, and engage leaders in developing solutions. And the resources — from cutting-edge facilities to the diverse advantages of Stanford University — make the Stanford Law campus an ideal environment for exploring and mastering the law.

Excellence, innovation, and a commitment to the future — these are Stanford Law School’s legacy to each new generation of law students and lawyers.


A curriculum that begins with the fundamentals but is then rich in interdisciplinary learning opportunities, clinics that teach law students how to be lawyers who make a difference, and programs and centers that catalyze scholarship, research, and dialogue on important issues — these are the forums through which Stanford Law shapes the future.

Stanford Law School’s course offerings provide a solid foundation in legal theory while also making it possible to cultivate expertise in any legal specialty our students might choose—from economics and business, to science and technology, to international law and public service. Students can pursue an established joint degree, customize a degree, or explore law’s intersection with other disciplines through team-taught courses and academic concentrations.

Stanford Law School pioneered clinical education in the 1970s. Through their scholarship and research, Stanford Law faculty explores traditional and emerging legal frontiers. Much of their work takes place in academic programs and centers that engage students in faculty research and attract thought, industry, and policy leaders from around the world.

Clinic Programs

Criminal Defense Clinic

Students in the Criminal Defense Clinic represent indigent individuals accused of crimes in Santa Clara County and San Mateo County. The cases encompass a wide range of misdemeanor offenses and some of the more common charges include drug possession, assault, theft, and weapons possession.

Criminal Prosecution Clinic

In this small but hard-working clinic, students prosecute cases at the San Jose Superior Court under the guidance of Santa Clara County prosecutors and faculty supervisors.

Cyberlaw Clinic

Pioneer an area of law that is largely without precedent, conducting computer- and Internet-related litigation, policy research, and advocacy.

Environmental Law Clinic

Students provide legal counsel to national, regional, and grassroots nonprofit organizations on a variety of environment issues, with a focus on biodiversity and conserving natural resources.

Immigrants’ Rights Clinic

Students represent immigrants in cases securing rights for survivors of domestic violence or in deportation, and participate in community outreach, public education, or policy advocacy.

International Human Rights and Development Clinic

Explore international human rights and development work by traveling to Africa, where you will document human rights violations, strategize on human rights initiatives and organize projects with the local legal community.

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