The Value of ABA Accreditation

If you look forward to a fine career as a lawyer, one solution is to enroll in ABA approved law schools. Once you have completed your degree in these renowned universities and colleges, you will find it easier to get a good job in the corporate legal world of public practice.

Based on statements made by the American Bar Association, institutions that they give accreditation to are schools that can offer a system of legal education based on the standards set forth by their illustrious organization. ABA approved law schools offer rigid training in various disciplines


ABA approved law schools undergo a strict screening process. They are appraised according to the quality of their educational curriculum, infrastructure and administration support functions. While accreditation is a crucial step in ascertaining a school’s credibility, there are various accreditation agencies aside from the American Bar Association with varying standards. Employers, schools, and government bodies are free to choose the forms of official recognition they will accept when considering an individual’s educational background. ABA approved law schools in the United States can be certified by other legal groups, but this does not imply that law associations or the legal community acknowledges accreditations as sufficient confirmation of quality of education in schools.

The American Bar Association is the most popular professional organization for lawyers in the United States, and it does operate its own accreditation program. All states, except for California have issued a mandate that bar exam candidates should graduate from ABA approved law schools. As a result of this policy, a graduate from a non-ABA-accredited law school is at a major disadvantage if he or she plans to eventually practice law.

Due to the prestige of the American Bar Association, it wields a big influence over educational institutions that offer law courses. Hence, it is of the essence for all schools to be given accreditation by this prestigious body.

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