Tips for Law School Students

Although getting into law school is stressful enough, once you are accepted you need to start thinking about certain things to ensure that your grades remain high and your stress stays low. Here are some tips to help you with this:

First, learn how to use your computer. This point is overlooked by many people, however, your computer will be your new best friend while… and probably after law school. You need to learn the majority of shortcuts on your computer so that you can access your information fast. Make sure all your information is in a place that you can access it. If you choose to use your laptop, have a computer on at home which you can access remotely. If there are any programs which you know professional lawyers use, download them. You will need to get used to their software eventually, you might as well know the programs when you begin looking for jobs.

Second, study lawyers, not just textbook law. Although most of your grade will come from studying, it is also important to study how a lawyer actually works. If you can snag a job at a law office, do it. If you really want to be a lawyer this is the best way to see what your future will hold. This will also be an amazing addition to your resume.

Last, know that time management is key. When you have papers due, books to read, exams to write and sometimes a part-time job, you will need to get your time management skills in order. There are hundreds of apps for smartphones, or you can buy a day planner, but you will need to organize or you will lose track of what you have to do. This will also help to keep your stress levels down, which is key to your papers, exams and homework actually making sense.