Top ABA Accredited Law Schools Present in the U.S.

ABA which is the abbreviation for American Bar Association is the body which accredits and ranks about 200 law schools present in the United States. Formed in the years 1878 this accrediting body believes in promoting high quality legal education among people and increase the public understanding of law.

For those of you looking to pursue a career in law it’s important that you seek higher education from ABA accredited law schools and colleges. In order to make things easier for you below are mentioned few of the top ABA accredited law schools present in the U.S.

Harvard Law School

This law school offers a inspired and lively environment to all its students. Every year this law school enrolls about 1900 students who come from different states and countries. A total of 260 courses are offered at the Harvard Law School which is one of the most popular ABA accredited law schools in the country.

Duke Law School

If you are looking for a law school which offers innovative, determined and qualified education then Duke Law School is the best option for you. This university has received highly acclaimed status and is one of the best ABA accredited law schools in the region. This law school believes in providing students with leadership and skills which will be able to help them seek prominent career in the 21st century.

Yale Law School

Yale Law School is widely known for its excellence and reputation as one of the leading ABA accredited law schools. It functions with a staff of the best faculty in town and offers countless opportunities for students. You can also consider Yale Law School for career building higher education.

Boston University School of Law

Established in 1872 BU school of law has served as pioneer in offering higher education to students in the field of law. This school is also ranked among the top ten law schools in the nation by Princeton Review because of the high quality education it offers. BU school of law is a strong community of valued learners, it’s also among the ABA accredited law schools present in the Unites States.

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