Top Law School Forums

One good way to unearth valuable information about law schools that interest you is to visit top law school forums.  There are forum threads dedicated to everything from study and preparation for the LSATs to writing a great admissions essay and more.  Finding the best top law school forums will help you to simplify the process of determining which law schools suit you best, how to get the top scores on your LSATs, and how to beef up your law school admissions application.

Top Law School Forums

The top law school forums to visit include:

  • Those that help you prepare for the LSATs. One of the biggest aspects of getting into law school is making a good score on the LSATs.  LSAT stands for Law School Admissions Test, and doing well on this test is vital to getting into the law school of your choice.  One of the top law school forums that you should visit to help you uncover insider information on the LSATs can be found at  This lively law school forum has hundreds of topics covered and there are always a few active members browsing the site.  In addition to visiting law school forums that can help you prepare for the test, you should also invest in a study guide or a few books on the test, too.  Scoring high on the LSATs can make the difference in getting accepted to the school of your choice and settling for some other school.
  • Those that cover a wide variety of different concerns potential law students may have. Comprehensive top law school forums can answer many questions that you may have, from applying to law school to deciding where to go, and more.  A top law school forum that has millions of posts and that has been “live” for almost a decade is  If would-be law students have wondered about a specific topic, you’ll find it here!
  • Those that help you find money for law school. Top law school forums that help you to locate law school funding sources, including financial aid, student loans, and alternative financing work to make law school within the grasp of a bigger number of students.  Top law school forums like not only discuss financial aid prospects, but can also answer a myriad of other questions on subjects ranging from waitlisted admissions applications, open houses, law school transfer students, and more.

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