Top Law Schools of the Year 2011

There are around 200 top law schools which are approved by A.B.A.  There are many accredited as well as non accredited schools, choosing a proper law school is very difficult for the prospective students of law, in order to ease this problem students can get hold of the law school directory known as TLS directory which is available online. Top law school ranking can help you determine the right school.


Below are the top ranked schools of the year 2011.

  • The Yale Law School: This law school is ranked high as a top law school of the year 2011; this school is considered the premium legal center of the world. Students are offered with prestige and career opportunities, this school offers fewer seats but the standard of education is very high, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and President Ford graduated from this prestigious institution.
  • Harvard Law School: This law school is one of the top law schools in the world which stands second, this institution has achieved its reputation all over the world, Harvard is working hard in improving the quality education given to the law students, and even on the placements.  They have 100 percent placement records.   Students who are graduated from Harvard school are placed in both public and private sectors. This school also offers you with a dual degree program.
  • Stanford Law School: This top law school stands third, administrators are trying to make this one among the top 2 ranked law schools, joining Stanford is like the dream come true for many of them out there. The use of classroom, Library, Professors, technology is excellent at Stanford.
  • Columbia University School of law: This law school is ranked 4 among the top law school. This school has a history of academic excellence and it is graded as one of the prestigious university of law. This university selects their applicants from a diverse background, last year this school had received somewhere around 8500 application but only few percent of the total applicant made it at Columbia University.

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