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Law school is no longer as tough as it used to be because research has been made easier through many online references. All you have to do now is type the right keyword and you will instantly get to the subject that you need. This is much different in the past when law students have to browse through the thick pages of heavy leather-bound law books.

Aside from using Wikipedia, you can also use the websites below in your studies:

1. Nolo

Nolo started as a do-it-yourself legal guide. It has been in existence since 1971. In 2010, around 40 years after its founding, it expanded its network using the Internet. Currently, it is considered as one of the online community’s largest collection of legal references.

Accessing its website will offer you a wide range of information that will help you survive law school. It provides free legal information from Criminal Law, Taxes, Wills, Employment Law, DUI and others. So far, it is the most complete out there. You can keep yourself updated of the latest events in the legal profession too with its articles published regularly. You can order books and software that will help you in preparing legal documents too. Plus, if there’s something that you really can’t understand or you are in need of an advice from an expert, look no further because you can just consult any of its network of lawyers in its directory. Nolo’s credibility is such that even high profile lawyers and judges use it as reference.

2. is another website that is highly recommended by law students because of its complete and up to date database. You can use this to search for court decisions, news covering the legal profession and definition of terms used in law. In addition, webinars are offered by the site which can help you polish your knowledge and help you with your career in the future.

3. LawLink

If you want a Q&A website that covers almost anything that you need to know related to law, this is a good choice. If they don’t have the answer yet in their database, you can post your question on the site and wait for their network of attorneys to attend to your query.  Another nice feature of the website is its series of videos detailing some popular topics in the field of law.

4. Social Media Law Student

An alternative to survive law school is by enlisting the aid of savvy students and lawyers. Just think of this site as the Facebook of law students and lawyers where knowledge pertaining to the field of legal profession is shared. Included in the vast information that you can gain from this site are techniques and advise on how to make the most out of your student days. The site is a great way to establish your network also which will help you get connections that will help you in your career.

5. University Websites

Last but not least, universities have their own references that you can use. Based on the website of U.S. News, among the best universities in the U.S. are the ones in Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia and Chicago.

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