Top Online Law Schools

Who ever imagined that one of the most prestigious degrees that one can hold – a Juris Doctorate or law degree, can now be achieved at one of the many top online law schools!  Online education opportunities have now expanded to include the possibility of earning a law degree from the comfort of your home own home – in your pajamas if you choose.  Our society is prone to litigation, and because of this, the field of law has become even more lucrative than ever before.

online law schools

Locating a Top Online Law School

Now, you can find top online law schools that will help you to achieve your professional and personal goals.  Keep in mind that the only state that currently allows students to take the state bar exam if they have attended a top online law school is California.  But there are other states that will allow lawyers who have passed the California bar exam to sit for their state bar exams after a particular number of years.   Advisors at top online law schools can help you understand your options with an online law degree.  Top choices for online law schools include:

  • Concord Law School.  This top online law school was the first to offer the Juris Doctorate degree in an online format.  Concord also offers an Executive Juris Doctorate.  Concord’s Juris Doctorate program takes around four years to complete.  For those students who don’t want to practice law but want to enhance another career, the executive JD program is a perfect fit.
  • Northwestern California University.  The School of Law at Northwestern California University has been in operation for nearly three decades and is the oldest online program in the U.S. Northwestern prides itself as one of the best top online law schools and developed its program so that a remote location, economic obstacles, or other hardships could not stand in the way of students who want to study law.  This online law school can grant the Juris Doctor degree.
  • Saratoga University of Law.  This San Jose, California based school has an excellent JD program that is offered in distance education format.  Students completing their law degree with this top online law school are eligible to sit for the California bar exam.