Why Become a Lawyer?

Thousands of students struggle through law school every year. They go into debt, they stress and they question their futures, many are led to question… why am I doing this?

One of the first things they teach you in law school is that you cannot change law. So many students go into law school believing they can make the world a better place, make dangerous people stay in behind bars or take immoral companies down. You will be taught to forget all about these ideals. You will begin to realize that it is not the lawyer who has the greatest ideals that will win a case, but the lawyer who knows the law best or who can make the most compelling argument.

Of course there are those of you who will go into law expecting a high paycheque. Most of you will not be disappointed, provided you get into one of the top law schools and are taken into a well paying law firm. Some of the top payed litigation lawyers earn an average of $119,000 a year, and this does not include bonuses. So, money of course is a valid reason to pursue becoming a lawyer.

You will also improve your communication skills, while learning your rights at the same time. Lawyers devote their entire life to communicating to other people. You will be able to communicate with the best and worst of people, and learn how to understand them all. You will question everything and record more. Becoming a lawyer allows you to know your rights. Yes, sometimes bad things happen to good people, but chances are if you become a lawyer, it won't happen to you.

Going to law school will give you opportunities that many people cannot claim to have. Even if there is 1 lawyer for every 300 people, you still hold something over those other 299 people that did not go to law school. You can combine law with another profession and gain even more experience, leading you to bigger and better jobs. You do not have to stay with a large law firm, you can start your own law office in a small town. Studying in law school gives you a multitude of options. In many cases law school is worth the stress as it can benefit you so much afterwards.