Why did you fail the LSAT?

Failing the LSAT happens to a lot more people than you would like to admit. Although there are many reasons for failing the test, here are a few categories that you may fall under:

1. No Preparation

You went into the test without properly preparing for how difficult it is. Many people try to take the LSAT without studying, to see what kind of mark they will receive… and usually fail. Of course you are allowed to retake the LSAT, but some schools are known to take an average of the scores you receive on the LSAT.

2. Unrealistic Goals

You need a lot of time to properly prepare for the LSAT. If you make an attempt to buckle down and study a few weeks before the test, chances are you will not get a score that you will be proud of. There is only a small percentage of people who can adequately understand and perform well for the LSAT given a short period of time. You may not be one of those lucky people.

3. Attempting to Pass the LSAT Alone

Passing the LSAT is hard enough, don't try to do it alone! There are many classes and study groups to join when studying. Not only will this make studying more interesting, but it will help you with any problems you have been having by yourself. There are probably many people with the same questions as you, in a group they are more likely to be answered.

4. Not Taking Action

You prepared and stressed about the LSAT so much that you couldn't bring yourself to take the test. Relax. After all those hours spent studying for the LSAT you are probably more than prepared for the test itself. In order to pass the test… you have to write it. You are already more prepared than the people mentioned in #1, the ones who chose to not study at all.

No matter what the reason is for failing the LSAT, just remember you can take it again. Yes, some schools will look at or average previous scores, but if you do much better the second time around than it might not be that significant. It is best to know if you belong in law school before you are actually attending it.